The Langley Academy Primary - "Outstanding" Ofsted 2018

What is a Free school?

Free-Schools are brand new schools that are funded by the Government but are independently run by their sponsor. Free Schools are set-up by sponsors to fulfil a need in the community with

a desire to make a positive difference.


In our case, The Langley Academy Primary will address the projected shortage of primary school places in Slough. Moreover, The Langley Academy Primary will build on the success of its sister school, The Langley Academy. It will create a ‘school for life’. Pupils from The Langley Academy Primary will be given priority at the already oversubscribed Langley Academy. Pupils will receive an outstanding education from a curriculum based on Museum Learning.


Free-schools are ‘free’ from Government constraints, giving them the flexibility to:


  • Create their own curriculum
  • Structure their school year and day
  • Set their own admissions criteria
  • Decide how to set their own budget


Although free to create their own programmes, Free Schools have to follow a rigorous monitoring process. They are regulated by OFSTED and their performance is closely monitored to assure parents that children are receiving a high standard of education.


Like state schools and academies, Free Schools are free for pupils to attend.