The Langley Academy Primary - "Outstanding" Ofsted 2018



Vision for The Langley Academy Trust

“To provide an outstanding education for every child in the trust through high aspirations and through the principles of quality learning using curiosity, exploration and discovery”


Vision for The Langley Academy Primary

Ensure an outstanding student experience from day 1, on September 1 2015.
This is encompassed in our aim:

“To provide a unique and enriching experience for all through curiosity, exploration and discovery.”


Pupils at The Langley Academy Primary will receive an outstanding education from the first day they arrive. The school day will be fun-filled, using play as the key medium for learning. Our curriculum, underpinned by Museum Learning will inspire children: Curiosity, Exploration and Discovery summarises our approach to learning.


The Langley Academy Primary will offer a holistic, broad and balanced, child-centred curriculum. We will develop confident, reflective, resilient, happy, young people, equipped with the skills to enable them to succeed at anything they put their mind to.


To provide the best for our pupils, parents will be required to take an active role in the education of their child, so they can support the development process.


Pupils at The Langley Academy Primary, will be given priority for a place at The Langley Academy. There are many benefits of an all-through academy. Parents will be certain of alleviating the stress and difficulties with selecting a secondary school. Pupils will be aware of the ethos, values and expectations of the school, they will be familiar with the building too. Staff will have opportunities to be involved in the transition period. In short, pupils will have a successful, personalised transfer to the next phase of learning. This will eliminate the Year 6 and Year 7 dip in attainment.


We strive to be a Community School and make use of our eldest pupils to support our youngest ones. 6th Form pupils will have the opportunity to mentor and support the learning of those children in The Langley Academy Primary. In addition to this, we are sure that local community members will share a pride in our schools and make the most of the opportunities and additional courses that will be made available to them.


To ensure pupils are given these outstanding opportunities, The Langley Academy Primary will seek to employ the best staff, that can deliver ‘quality first’ teaching. They will be dedicated and committed to the Trust’s aims and give their best to our pupils.