The Langley Academy Primary - "Outstanding" Ofsted 2018

School Snacks

Children have access to a piece of fresh fruit and a carton of milk each day, if they wish. Water is freely available throughout the day. Although we have a dedicated snack time, children are able to choose when they wish to have their snack from the class snack table.


Healthy Teeth


At The Langley Academy Primary, we aim to provide children with opportunities that will enable them to succeed in life. Current data indicates that tooth decay is a common problem for children in Slough. Some children have undergone operations in hospital to remove decayed teeth. Tooth decay can be very painful, however it can be prevented by brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Good oral health from an early age increases the chances of children keeping their teeth healthy throughout their lives. Therefore, we have decided to participate in the Slough Healthy Smiles programme.


We are offering our Reception children the opportunity to participate in a school led supervised tooth brushing programme. Children will be supervised brushing their own teeth with a fluoride toothpaste once a day at school, using a toothbrush provided at school. All staff have been trained to ensure children carry out the brushing correctly. The programme will be a good opportunity for the school staff to promote the importance of good oral health to the children and therefore give them the tools and skills they need to have a better chance of having healthy teeth throughout their lives.