The Langley Academy Primary - "Outstanding" Ofsted 2018

Why you should choose TLAP

Why should I choose The Langley Academy Primary?

In short, this is a fantastic experience to secure a first class education for your child for your child from 4 – 18. In collaboration with TLAP, The Langley Academy (Secondary) will be

‘A school of choice – A school for life’:

This journey starts in the Primary phase at The Langley Academy Primary.


TLAP is modelled on the success of The Langley Academy, therefore Museum Learning is central to our provision. Our new building will include a ‘Heart Space’ to support the development of Curiosity, Explanation and Discovery. Museum Learning is designed to give children first-hand experiences and make learning real, our exhibition space will help develop this. The Langley Academy Primary is very well resourced, vibrant and stimulating. Learning  is fun and our youngest pupils  succeed from setting their own learning agendas based on their own interests. Staff ensure that learning is meaningful and children progress. Children enjoy coming to school and are keen to share their developing knowledge with their families.


Our pupils receive a personalised learning experience, tailored to meet the needs of each individual child. Providing them with opportunities to build their dreams and the skills to bring them into reality. Children develop both academically and socially and our focus on ‘Leuven scales’ helps us to achieve this. Furthermore, the learning journey is richly supported by the older pupils from The Langley Academy, acting as mentors.


Children at The Langley Academy Primary receive an outstanding experience from their first day and this will continue until the end of their school days.


We know that we can deliver the support, education and experiences that every child deserves. For these reasons alone, The Langley Academy Primary should be an easy choice for you to make.